Meet George, Amy and Michael our deadly serious actors starring in The Time Machine

12 Mar 2024


Leeds are you ready for some deadly serious theatre as Steven Canny and John Nicholson’s hit play The Time Machine – A Comedy comes to Leeds Playhouse from 2-6 April, on tour direct from a highly acclaimed season at London’s Park Theatre.

Meet George, Amy and Michael for the premiere of their brand-new version of The Time Machine from Original Theatre.

H G Wells’ comic deadly serious masterpiece will never be the same again as this hapless highly skilled group of actors embark on a journey of a lifetime!  Will George persuade the others to stick to the script he’s worked so hard on? Will Michael be able to explain time travel without the help of excessive props? Will Amy get to sing her Cher tribute? And ultimately… will they be able to defeat the space time paradox – or at least get through the second half?

Warning: may contain Cher tunes.

If you could travel to any time period in history, where would you go and why?  

George: There’s so much choice, I’d want a Time Machine to dart all over the place! If I had to choose I think I’d want to have a bound around in the 1920s.  

Amy: I would travel back to the 1970s purely for the music scene and fashion. I’d also book tickets to all of the Jackson 5 / MJ shows and dance and sing my heart out to every single one!  

Michael: I would go back to the Jurassic Period, I always fancied having a pet velociraptor.  


Do you have a favourite HG Wells story?  

George: The Time Machine of course! So much of what he wrote is so iconic that it’s hard to choose a second place, The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds are pretty great runners up right? Gripping, ambitious and unsettling. Can you sum up the show in three words? Every second counts.  

Amy: I would be lying if I said I’d read loads of H.G Wells… and lying is bad so… The Time Machine is my favourite… it’s the only one I have read (shock horror!) … for now!  

Michael: The Time Machine of course, the power to travel in time and undo all the embarrassing moments in my life would be amazing.  


If you could meet your past or future self, what would you like to tell them/ you?  

George: That’s super tricky. I don’t always give the best advice, can I send someone else back in time to give me advice? I’d send Emma Thompson back, do let me know what she says.  

Amy: “Amy, enjoy every moment of life. It’s short and pretty damn incredible.” And to stop buying trainers … you have too many and not enough storage space.  

Michael: I would quote the great Christina Aguilera and tell my younger self “you are beautiful no matter what they say” JOKING. I would tell my past self to eat ALL the crisps I want, life’s too short.  


Would you rather always be 1 hour early or 10 minutes late?  

George: Oh one hour early! Always. Hence the books.  

Amy: TOTALLY depends on the situation! But to make it sound like I am a very well prepared human – 1 hour early – but let’s face it, aren’t we all usually about 10 mins late?! ‘Fashionably’  

Michael: 1 hour early!!! I hate being late.  


Can you give us a summary of your character for us?  

George: George is a polymath. Probably the best writer/director/actor/producer of his generation. He’s determined, enterprising and always believes the show must go on. He can sometimes put theatre above all else, I think he’s got a little to learn about what’s really important in life.  

Amy: Amy is a fantastic character! She’s got a sensible head on her shoulders, she’s smart, she’s to the point but she’s also wild and fun when she gets going. She thinks outside the box, she is thoughtful, creative and can sometimes be a little controlling but there’s no shame in that – there has to be a good balance… Everyone needs an Amy in their life!  

Michael: Michael is a loveable and over-excitable geek. He loves science, facts and the theatre company he has set up with his BFFs Amy and Dave. 

Check out their highly serious show in action


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