Fredlin Morency – meet the man behind the mic

24 Aug 2023


Fredlin Morency is the 18-year-old singer, songwriter, musician, composer, musical director and choir director is currently taking Leeds by storm.

Join Leeds Playhouse for Fredlin First Steps this 15 September for an exceptional night at the theatre. The young performer will share an unmissable musical showcase of his story and life journey, from the Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean to Leeds. The evening will feature tracks from his new album in a mix of acoustic performances accompanied by the piano and guitar, and exciting pop and R&B pieces featuring a live band and dancers that will have you swaying in your seats.

On the evening, Fredlin will be accompanied by incredible performers including Graft (The Rap Game UKMOTDxE4’s Celebrity Ghost Trip) Roundhay’s very own singer songwriter Cole LC, and dancers from across the Leeds City Region fusing together dance and song in a concert that you would not want to miss.

Fredlin has previously performed at Leeds Playhouse as part of Open Season,  a month long celebration of community theatre, dance, music and exhibitions.

Fredlin Morency gives us an insight into the man behind the mic.

  1.  Tell us about who Fredlin Morency is?

Fredlin is an Artist.

Mainly writing and performing RnB, Pop, and gospel song; I find that I’m driven by the concept of allowing someone to feel your emotions, your heartbreaks, your past trauma, your goals, your ambitions, your hope and being able to tie this all together in a neat bow of a beautiful melody, light-hearted humour and joy, embedded within a universal language that makes people feel and truly connect to your soul – Music.


  1. Who has inspired you to make music?

My inspiration stems from a plethora of musicians and artist of all contrasting genres and has varied with different time periods in my life. 

In the Caribbean, I was heavily tied onto reggae songs and two of my favourite artist were Christopher Martin and Romain Virgo. Along with that, at the time, I was really inspired by Justin Bieber’s incredible talent. He has been my favourite artist up to this point and inspired me to write my first song.

Gospel artists such as the like of Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Tasha Cobbs, Donnie McClurkin have also had a huge factor in the way I create my arrangements and music for a live performance 


  1. You were Assistant Musical Director for the Reggae Roots Choir at the Coronation Concert – tell us about that.

This was an absolutely incredible experience as we were one of the youngest groups there and most likely I was the youngest director there. My role amongst everything, included warming up our choir, ensuring we are all vibrant and ready to give our 110%. As always, I wanted us to show we had something – something more than we are told day in and day out. This was such a success as we got a special commendation from Gareth Malone, stating how we were phenomenal singers, and he was surprised by this. I couldn’t possibly take credit for the talent we all share in our Reggae Roots Choir however Christella [Litras] and I pushed us to the max and comforted us in knowing and believing we have a gift which should be shared. 

We took every opportunity to showcase this in our short stay which was Crazy right?! Whether it be working on our harmonies mid-bus journey which you would’ve thought would’ve been annoying to the others but the other choirs were loving every moment of it all. And encouraged us to keep doing so. And such we did.

In the end we got to show what a small group from Leeds could do when we were given the opportunity. None of whom by the way were even slightly intimidated by the big stage due to our preparation and I couldn’t have been more excited and prouder to be with my friends and family, leading us to what has and will remain in history as the first of its kind. 


  1. How would you describe Fredlin First Steps and what people will hear on the evening?

This concert is the initial grand opening of what essentially is Me unveiling myself as The artist. Throughout the evening I will showcase a journey stringed around RnB, Acoustic, Jazz and Pop with the grit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The night will showcase bits of my different albums that will be released in the near future. I’m looking forward to the audience being able to say I heard it first and saw it all come together. And now 4 billion people would have witness what YOU made history. 

Alongside me, are Phenomenal Artists that are currently making there mark/ have been established in the industry namely; Cole LC, Fabienne, Kyrann, GxmeTheHBK, The real Irish Paddy and Leeds figure Graft and supported by the Caution Collective Band.


  1. What is next for you?

Albums and singles are surely the next step. I want to make music that is full of life that caters to the world with what essentially feel like the 90’s and early 2000’s hits. I’m bringing back music that feels real of an incredible range of genre all arranged by the craziest of ideas I’ve been collecting over these dormant years. surely will be Pedalling to the medal.

I’m confident that my Journey will be spectacular and is already planned for me. As I’m not the one steering the ship it’s difficult to say more but what  can say is have purpose that precedes me therefore whatever it is will be Earth- Shattering. 


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