The Feminist Killjoy Handbook – Book Launch

13 Mar 2023

  • Venue
    Other Space - Playhouse
  • Running time
    90 mins

‘Sara Ahmed always has her finger on the pulse of the times’Angela Y Davis

Join us for the launch of Sara Ahmed‘s new book, The Feminist Killjoy Handbook.

Do colleagues roll their eyes in a meeting when you use words like sexism or racism? Do you refuse to laugh at jokes that aren’t funny? Have you been called divisive for pointing out a division? Then you are a feminist killjoy, and this handbook is for you.

The term killjoy has been used to dismiss feminism by claiming that it causes misery. But by naming ourselves feminist killjoys, we recover a feminist history, turning it into a source of strength as well as an inspiration.

Drawing on her own stories and those of others, especially Black and brown feminists and queer thinkers, Sara’s book combines depth of thought with honesty and intimacy to unpick the lies our culture tells us and provides a form of solidarity and companionship that can be returned to over a lifetime.

Sara Ahmed is an independent feminist scholar of colour. She worked as a feminist academic for over twenty years before resigning in protest at the failure of her university to deal with sexual harassment. She has published ten books, including Living a Feminist Life, described by Bitch as ‘not just an instant classic but an essential read for intersectional feminists’.

The book launch is an ‘in conversation’ event, with the opportunity to buy the book and get it signed by the author.


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