Sheets Across The Streets

26 Jul 2023

  • Venue
    Bramall Rock Void
  • Running time
    60 mins

Bright Sparks Theatre Company work with adults with learning disabilities from Leeds and make original shows. This new play is made in collaboration with members of Leep1 and Aspire CBS. It is called, ‘Sheets Across The Streets’; and is a story about the history and people of Leeds.

Sitting in Leeds Playhouse Café with a book and a brew, Albert looks out on the view. It’s the same view that he used to have from his flat in Quarry Hill. He looks at his photograph book and remembers his long life in Leeds; and how things have changed. Through song, dance, movement and drama, we explore themes of friendship, struggle, love and loss. At the end of the play, we look at what we can all be proud of in Leeds today and celebrate all the things that we have in common. 


    Arts Council
  • Leeds City Council
  • LTB Foundation
  • Principal Partner

    Caddick Group
  • Principal Access Partner

    Irwin Mitchell