Open Iftar 2023

11 Apr 2023

  • Venue
    Other Space - Playhouse
  • Running time
    1 hr 30 mins

We’re warmly inviting you to join us on 11 April for Leeds Playhouse’s second annual Open Iftar.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you are fasting or not. Although Ramadan is observed by Muslims, those who are not Muslim but would like to join and mark Ramadan, are more than welcome.

This event will take place from 7.15-9.30pm on Level 2 at the Playhouse.

What is Ramadan?
The ninth month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a holy month when Muslims are required to refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours (though exemptions are allowed for certain groups). Ramadan began on 22 March and will end at the end of April. We are hosting this event to mark this important month with members of the Muslim community.

What is an Iftar?
Iftar is the meal where Muslims break their fast at sunset.

We will provide cutlery and utensils and will set up the seating area, but we are asking guests to bring a dish, if they are able to, for the communal buffet. This dish can be absolutely anything! We will provide a limited amount of food, but in keeping with the spirit of community and connection that’s at the heart of Ramadan we would be grateful if you could bring something to share with others. It doesn’t need to be home cooked and any contribution will be welcome (we politely ask, however, that dishes containing meat or poultry comply with halal dietary requirements).

Please arrive from 7.15pm and make your way to Level 2. Members of staff will be on hand to greet you and invite you into the space.

We will break our fasts at 7.52pm following the Maghrib Adhan, when everyone will be invited to enjoy the buffet.

There will be space in our Multi-Faith & Reflection Room for those who wish to pray Maghrib salah. We advise people to bring their own prayer mats.

The Iftar will draw to a close at around 9.30pm, but people are welcome to exit the space at any point before then.

This is a free event.


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  • Leeds City Council
  • LTB Foundation
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    Caddick Group
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    Irwin Mitchell