Ben Elton Authentic Stupidity

27 Sep 2024

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    2 hours and 30 minutes
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Following the huge success of Ben Elton’s critically acclaimed sold-out UK tour in 2019, which marked his return to live comedy after a fifteen year hiatus, the undisputed godfather of modern stand-up is going back on the road with his new show – Authentic Stupidity.

Ben says: “Since my last live tour a whole new existential threat has emerged to threaten humanity! Apparently Artificial Intelligence is going to destroy us all. Well, I reckon our real problem isn’t Artificial Intelligence it’s good old fashioned Authentic Stupidity! Forget AI. It’s AS we need to be worrying about!”

Ben Elton first exploded into the national consciousness back in the 1980s hosting Channel 4’s ground breaking Saturday Live and he’s been setting the standard for gag filled, taboo busting, tonsil rattling, mind expanding stand-up comedy ever since!

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Fri 27 Sep

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