Am I Invisible Yet?

3 May 2023

  • Venue
  • Running time
    50 mins then 15 min interval then Post Show Discussion
  • Age guidance

Dunstan Bruce, ex-frontman with chart-topping band Chumbawamba, performs his new one-hour play; a rollercoaster of despair, anger, love and ultimately hope.

In this personal and irreverent one-man show Dunstan takes the audience on an existential voyage told through poetry, prose, music and projection.

Am I Invisible Yet? is no cosy fireside chat reminiscing about his Tubthumping past – it’s a vital blast of angst, anger and despair. It is Theatre du Coeur, a love letter to hope, humanity and the haphazard heart.

Join him on this riotous journey that will resonate with anyone who once thought they could change the world and is still determined to get back up again.

Am I Invisible Yet? is part of 1001 Stories a revolutionary two-week takeover where older people perform, exhibit and express their stories of lives lived to the fullest.


    Arts Council
  • Leeds City Council
  • LTB Foundation
  • Principal Partner

    Caddick Group
  • Principal Access Partner

    Irwin Mitchell